ახალი წელი და დიაბეტი

Christmas days are very special for all of us. It's made by family environment, beautiful decorations, gifts and of course special food which can be challenging for diabetics.

How to meet these days without spoiling our mood and not to damage our health seriously?

At last all we deserve to give ourselves right for just a day to eat food we love so much. Especially when we behaved well all the year and our blood glucose level was within its target range. The main thing is a quantity!

How to maintain moderation and deal with temptation, here are some suggestions to help you with this goal:

Avoid long lasting hunger - when you are very hungry it's always followed by eating high amount of food. So it would be better if you have a snack before all family will sit around the table. The snack can be some food which contains protein or vegetable without starch. This kind of food is processing slowly in the body and gives the feeling of fullness.

Drink a cup of water before eating - to fill the stomach with water will help to feel fullness early, to decrease appetite and in these ways help to avoid eating high amount of food.

Make your eating plan beforehand - it would be great to plan earlier when you will taste each dish from all that delicious food gathered in the family for christmas. Although ensure that most part of your dishes must be vegetables without starch. Here is a short note about vegetables:

  • vegetables containing starch are: potato, corn, peas, pumpkin.
  • vegetables without starch are: cucumber, tomato, bulgarian pepper, carrot, beet, cabbage, broccoli, anion, radish, lettuce, eggplant, mushroom, asparagus.

Eat as slow as it's possible it helps to detect the moment when you are full and not to eat extra food.

Of course any diabetic can eat his or her favorite sweets in rare cases, you can make a christmas an exceptional day like this. But don't forget that controlling amount is the main thing! For this purpose you can eat very slowly and also you can add sweets after main dish as a dessert. It will really help to keep small amounts.

Hide the food - it's better nor to have dishes in your vision area all the time, because this can increase appetite and make it difficult to control food intake.

Replace eating with walking - if you are very hungry but you have already eaten your portion of food and the next eating time hasn't come yet, try to walk in a fresh air. Just 20 minutes are enough for releasing hormones of satisfaction such as endorphin and serotonin.

Control your blood glucose level more often you must know if you are eating to much and if you need to stop.

Don't forget physical activity! you must even increase your usual physical activity level. It will help your body to handle with extra glucose and calories. Have a walk outside after dinner.

and finally,

Don't blame yourself - if you couldn't keep your diet for a one day. It's a very common humans thing. It's enabled to do rare exceptions. Remember that you can improve everything on the next day.

Diabetes and alcohol

Alcohol is an undivided part of the christmas holiday.

The daily acceptable dose of alcohol which doesn't change blood glucose level is: 100 ml of wine and 330 ml of beer.

Using more than this amount of alcohol can cause hyperglycemia at the first stage and then hypoglycemia, which is dangerous for the body.

The risk of hypoglycemia is particularly high for those being on insulin therapy.

The risk of hypoglycemia is particularly high for those being on insulin therapy.

How can we decrease this risk:

  • don't take alcohol on empty stomach and before eating! Only drink along with eating.
  • after drinking alcohol you must have a snack before going to sleep, to avoid hypoglycemia at night.
  • avoid drinking alcohol with add on sugar or soda. The best choice can be red wine with no sugar.
  • control your blood glucose more frequently.
  • in case of hypoglycemia use a cup of orange juice or a little peace of chocolate or other food containing simple carbohydrates.
  • study beforehand how your body reacts on alcohol in order to be ready for possible problems after drinking. The frequent control of blood glucose 2 days before and after drinking can help with it.

Happy new year!

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